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Over my career and personal life, I’ve had to work with attorneys from time to time.  The least pleasant area of law in my opinion is family law.  It doesn’t matter what side of the court filing you are on, it’s a difficult time when you are in a family law attorney’s office.  The best thing you can do is take good care of yourself and your kids, and hire a legal team that specializes in the area of law you are dealing with.  Dina Christiansen and her team have made dealing with difficult situations a fine art.  From your first appointment to your final outcome, you will be working with a team of specialists that know the system, have weekly experience in the court room, and are always thinking five chess moves down the road.  You can look, but you’re not going to find a more qualified attorney in Northern Colorado.

J.C., Erie, CO

I selected Dina as my divorce attorney because I am Active Duty stationed out of state and she reassured me with not only support from her staff but also with her expedient responses. I appreciated her taking the time to listen to my whole situation, and then letting me know in plain language the specific legal things that we would do and what the risks would be. When we met with the opposing counsel, she knew what my expectations were and was able represent me flawlessly—I was able to get the custody time that I needed even though the opposing counsel had something else entirely. I enjoyed spending time with my daughter during the process of the divorce agreement till current day, have peace of mind, and I would definitely recommend Dina and her law firm. These wonderful Ladies provided the best support from beginning to end, and if I ever need anything again I will definitely call this group.

J.B., Texas

I came to see Dina as I was in need of consultation about a parenting time case.  After the meeting with Dina for the first time I knew she was the one to handle this case due to her knowledge of the parenting time laws.  Once we started the case, she was very reassuring and straightforward with all of the courts rulings and what my options were.  She was always very attentive and clear in what items she needed from me to help her get me the best possible outcome.  Dina and her staff were very professional and helpful with everything and responded to questions and concerns in a very timely manner through email or phone calls.  I was very pleased with the outcome as we were able to come to an agreement with the child’s best interest at the center.  Dina will help her clients through very tough emotional times by being a strong and stable source for their upcoming legal battle.

DB and RB, Loveland

After speaking to several attorneys in the area, I chose to hire Dina Christiansen to advise and represent me in my divorce and custody proceedings. My divorce was highly contentious, and I felt heard and understood by Dina but not coddled. Her empathetic, yet direct approach was extremely helpful to me in a time of high-stress. Dina always took care in keeping my costs as low as possible and explained how and why her processes were helping me, not only get the best possible outcomes, but also monetarily. Dina’s knowledge, her extensive experience, and her upbeat yet no-nonsense personality helped guide me through one of the darkest periods of my life. I highly recommend Dina for any family matter you need legal help with. I am utterly grateful for her.

J.A., Fort Collins

“I tried handling my divorce on my own and it quickly got beyond what I could handle.  My first contact with Christiansen Law Firm immediately set things right.  Dina’s calm demeanor, patient attitude, assertive litigation policy, and gentle humor (yes, humor), changed an ordeal into something that I could work through.  Dina and her staff consistently listened to me first as a person in crisis, then worked to help me understand how to navigate the process. They are easy to contact, quick to return calls, and most importantly, offered me sound advice.  Dina’s professional relationship didn’t end the day my case ended either, she has followed up and made sure my family was “OK”, even years after the divorce.  Dina feels like the “lawyer in the family” that I didn’t know I had.   I have already sent two of my closest friends to Dina for help.  The answer is simple, I trust her to safeguard my best interests, even if I don’t know what that is at the moment.  Dina has helped me protect my children, my home, and my future, she’ll help protect yours, too.  ”  –  P.A. Fort Collins

“Dina is outstanding in every sense of the word.  She is extremely capable and professional, yet equally approachable and personable.  I was initially referred to her by a trusted friend in 2012 to help me navigate my divorce, and was extremely pleased with the results.  I’ve stuck with her since then to deal with additional issues that have arisen, and always been 100% satisfied with her performance.  She has always fought hard for my best interests, while seamlessly incorporating my input and opinion at every opportunity.  I can’t imagine a better attorney, and would recommend her on the strongest possible terms, without reservation.”   –  S.F. Fort Collins

“I found Dina off a recommendation from a friend who used her services in his divorce a few years ago. Initially I just consulted with her but fell in love with her demeanor right away and retained her without hesitation when my divorce was imminent. Dina brought to the table a wealth of knowledge, but also a very practical and reasonable way of making me feel comfortable with the reality of what divorce is. She met with me on a regular basis, either over the phone, email or in person, depending on how often I needed her. I felt like she was constantly available to me and always put me at ease with whatever the situation was, whether it was in my favor or not. During a long process that included a trial, Dina made me feel comfortable and confident with our position. Always, she kept it real and practical based on the law and never let me stray from the reality of what the potential outcomes were. Ultimately, my trial went very well and I was very proud of my representation the entire time. She conducted herself professionally and honestly, just took really good care of me. I continue to consult Dina when her expertise is necessary to my case or situation. She and her staff are always quick to answer the phone or return questions, and that makes me feel like I am getting consistent stellar legal advice.

I would recommend Dina and her team to anyone with any legal needs.”   –  D.S. Fort Collins

“I came to see Dina to help me with my abusive ex trying to get parenting time with our child and also trying to reduce his child support. Dina immediately put me at ease. She assured me that she would fight for me and my child. Dina has taken some of the stress out of this extremely stressful situation for me and my family. We are in the beginning stages of this battle but I am extremely grateful to have Dina on my side. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” – H.A., Loveland