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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Relocation Attorney

Relocation or “move-away” battles are explosive by nature — the separation of a child or children from the other parent. Our approach at The Christiansen Law Firm is to lessen this emotion and argue logically and forcefully for the sake of our clients and the child or children involved.

Moving Children from One State to Another

Parents involved in a custody or visitation agreement are not allowed to relocate without first presenting their plan to the court and to the other parent. Divorced parents have agreed to arrangements set down in the original custodial and parenting-time agreement. We see examples of parents who leave for another state and take their child or children with them. This is a dangerous action that can result in serious criminal charges. It is always better to work relocation plans out within the law.

Child/Parent Relocation Lawyer

Our firm represents both sides in relocation disputes. We know that every relocation problem is unique. Therefore, we work to find unique, creative solutions to custody and visitation issues. We have achieved positive outcomes for clients in every venue — negotiation, mediation and litigation.

Divorced couples who are in a moderate state of disagreement are often able to resolve relocation disputes via negotiation or mediation. These approaches save money, time and aggravation.

When the dispute is more extreme, the option is to go to family court and request a modification of the custody and visitation agreement, or to have it enforced in its current form.

Dina Christiansen has excellent success in this kind of litigation. The approach we take is basic — we demonstrate clearly and plainly how our client’s position is justified under the law. We call in experts, take depositions — whatever strengthens your chances for success. We leave no stone unturned in presenting your side.

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