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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Property Division Attorney

Distribution of marital assets is required for a Colorado divorce and is one of the most complex and emotionally loaded parts of the process. Even couples with modest marital assets can have powerful attachments to some items.

The State of Colorado follows equitable distribution guidelines in property division. Equitable distribution means the State seeks division that is fair and just — not a 50-50 split. For this reason, property division is not to be taken lightly — the party who makes the best case for fair division is often awarded the most. In other words, you need the most skilled and persuasive property division attorney you can find.

Dina Christiansen is respected across our region for her skills in property division. She has helped clients with the division of homes, cars, pensions, retirement funds, stocks, bonds and business interests.

A major part of the work of property division is defining which assets are marital and which are not.  Another aspect is division of debt.

Will I Be Able to Keep the House?

Many clients are concerned about the home they live in. Will it have to be sold? The answer depends on numerous factors — whether it was acquired during the marriage, how its value has increased or decreased over the course of the marriage, etc.

Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Property Division Lawyer

The process of property division includes several key steps: The listing of assets, what belongs on the list, the physical location of assets, the separation of marital assets from non-marital assets and finally, the valuation and division itself.

Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Marital Asset Valuation Lawyer

To get the best outcome from this process, you want an attorney who has done many property divisions of every kind of asset.  Dina is respected in our area for her analytical and persuasive skills, both of which come into play in the property division process.

The outcome of any given property division is largely up to the individual judge. Dina Christiansen is well-regarded in Colorado courtrooms because of her intelligence, her knowledge of family law and her demeanor — she is unfailingly polite. Take advantage of these attributes by calling Dina today and discussing the details of your property division.

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