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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people about to get married, spelling out the rules for the new relationship. In the gossip magazines, we read about celebrities drawing up contracts to avoid splitting assets in the event of divorce.

These agreements are also called “prenup” agreements or premarital agreements.

Having a prenuptial agreement is good common sense. A prenup agreement answers questions before they grow into disputes. Questions like:

  • What belongs to whom?
  • Who pays the debts incurred before the marriage?
  • Who pays the debts incurred during the marriage?
  • How will those be divided?
  • What is the status of kids from previous marriages?
  • Who handles the checkbook?
  • Who will be responsible for taxes?
  • If one person “stays home,” how does that affect property sharing?

Premarital or Prenup Agreements Actually Strengthen Marriages

It is true that prenuptial agreements are invaluable if a couple later divorces. But they are equally valuable for couples who stay married — happily married, because they made an agreement.

Prenups don’t have to be binding forever.  You can have a sunset clause, requiring a revision of the agreement every number of years, or you can modify the agreement at any time, with the consent of the other party.

Prenuptial agreements are not simple forms to be cursorily completed. They are unique, thoughtful documents that chart a path through all kinds of future contingencies. You do not have to be rich to make a prenuptial arrangement. But you do have to be smart — smart enough to see that problems will occur in your married life, and a good agreement made in advance with the assistance of an experienced lawyer is a powerful tool for dealing with those problems.

Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Marital Agreement Attorney

Marital contracts don’t have to be prepared before marriage. Couples already married benefit from arriving at an understanding as well.

Whether you are about to get married or are already married, it is important to have a plan. At the law offices of Dina Christiansen, we welcome your call. Establish an understanding going into your marriage.


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