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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Marital Property Attorney

Marital property refers to nearly all assets acquired by the parties during their marriage to each other. The other category, separate property, is the property each spouse brought into the marriage, or was acquired solely by one party, such as a trust or gift intended for only one spouse. Deciding which assets fall into which category is one of the most contested areas in a divorce.

Family lawyer Dina Christiansen is one of Colorado’s most respected divorce attorneys, known for her analytical gifts and her attitude that divorce is like a game of chess — sometimes you sacrifice a pawn to advance your cause and ultimately prevail.

Fair and Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets

Non-Marital property includes several categories of assets:

  • Premarital property includes all items acquired before the marriage.
  • Any assets you inherit from a third party.
  • Any gift given to one and not both partners in the marriage.
  • Prenuptial exclusions include any items specifically excluded by a legal prenuptial agreement.

We are also alert to assets that have lost their non-marital status by being commingled with household assets. Adding marital funds to a non-marital account weakens the claim of being non-marital. Likewise, a non-marital property that has been enhanced or repaired using marital money could weaken the claim to being non-marital.

The law is complex, which is why you need an attorney experienced in telling one from the other.

Dina Christiansen Is Adept at Separating Marital and Non-Marital

Our firm’s experience in property division gives us an advantage over other attorneys. We have been involved in complex divorces with major disagreements over real estate, business property and artwork. There is a science and an art to properly identifying and valuing these kinds of assets.

When appropriate, we work with a network of skilled outside accountants and appraisers who provide reliable valuation information about even the most obscure assets.

Our goal is to arrive at a property settlement that is fair and reasonable, putting you in the best possible position following your divorce.

Trying to determine whose is whose? Knowledgeable help is available. Call skilled Fort Collins / Northern Colorado marital property lawyer Dina Christiansen at 970-682-1480, or email us using this form.