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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

High Net Worth Divorce is also called complex divorce because there is more at stake — more assets, higher values, business ownership, inheritances, diverse investments, royalty income, vehicles, antique cars, collectibles, and mixed marital and non-marital properties.

The Attorney for Complex Divorces in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado

Not every divorce lawyer is up to the analytical tasks involved in complex divorce cases. In the offices of Dina Christiansen, we make no claim to being experts on all these tasks. Instead, we turn to professionals who really are experts — CPAs, appraisers, realtors, business valuation experts.
We put their skills to work presenting your side of the complex divorce in the best light possible.

Did you know …
To obtain the most accurate real estate valuation, hire locally. Area realtors know far more about local property values than experts from outside the area.

High Net Worth and High-Conflict Divorce

The most difficult cases are those that are under extraordinary stress both materially and emotionally — where high-value assets must be divided in an environment made toxic by infidelity, betrayal, disagreements about parenting or a high-voltage power struggle.

Understandably, the worst disputes involve child custody because people are so bound up in their children. But even in custody cases, it is wise to take a breath and ask what is really best for the child.

Turning Down the Dials

At the Christiansen Law Firm, we work to turn down the dial on hyper-emotional situations, reminding both sides the divorce isn’t about revenge or proving a point to the other party. It’s about transitioning to a new way of living which ultimately will bring relief to both sides. The point of divorce is often to be able to move beyond the anger and bitterness, and with that in mind, we strive to be rational in the process.

We remind clients that it is not necessary or even desirable to win every single contested item. The important thing is to win what matters most, what is right … and let some things go.

When the stakes are high, call Fort Collins / Northern Colorado high net worth divorce attorney Dina Christiansen at 970-682-1480. You may also e-mail us to schedule your free initial consultation.