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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Child Custody

The hardest part about any divorce or any dispute between unmarried parents is making child custody arrangements that are in the best interests of the children. When parents divorce or separate, the simple fact is that each parent will not get to spend as much time individually with their children as they would like. This is a difficult realization for all parents. An experienced child custody attorney however, can help you make the best of a less than favorable situation.

Fort Collins / Northern Colorado attorney Dina Christiansen, represents people in child custody matters throughout Colorado.  We know that your child custody arrangements can have a great impact on your relationships with the most important people in your life. We are committed to helping all of our clients understand their rights under the law and achieve their goals to the greatest possible extent.

In Colorado, courts refer to child custody as the Allocation of Parental Responsibility (APR). There are two issues in APR: the first issue is parenting time which refers to the amount of time the children spend with each parent. The other issue is known as decision making. Decision making involves each parent’s right to decide on issues such as education, religious upbringing, medical needs and other important issues.

In the vast majority of cases, courts will seek a result that gives each parent some say in the decision making process. Further, it is usually in the best interests of the children for each parent to maintain significant contact with the other parent. As a consequence, courts will usually try to find a result in which both parents have meaningful parenting time.

Every child custody case is unique and depends on many different factors. Our Fort Collins law firm will help you understand your rights and the range of likely outcomes in your case.

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