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Fort Collins / Northern Colorado Adoption Attorney

Dina Christiansen’s office assists with the legal aspects of every kind of adoption — international adoption, interstate adoption, adoption by grandparents and step-parents, and second-party adoption. Our experience is broad — we recently assisted in a very necessary adoption in which the biological parents did not consent, a difficult situation that is evidence of Dina Christiansen’s seriousness and versatility.

We assist with closed adoptions — in which a newborn is adopted by an unrelated family, and the two families have little future contact. We also assist with open adoptions in which the two families wish to continue seeing one another, often involving visitation.

Grandparent Adoptions. Step-Parent Adoptions. Kinship Adoptions.

The most common form of adoption is the kind that happens within families:

  • In blended marriages, a step-parent often moves to adopt a child or children from a spouse’s earlier marriage or previous relationship, as a sign of commitment and love.
  • In grandparent adoptions, a grandparent steps in and adopts a grandchild when the parent dies or is unable to handle parenting duties for any reason.
  • A variation on this is the kinship adoption, where a baby is born to an underage family member, and a grandparent or other relative adopts the baby to keep the family together.

Though there are many kinds of adoption, all kinds have legal requirements, paperwork and evaluative hurdles that prospective parents must deal with. Our office can assist and counsel you on the best way to meet these obstacles to parenthood so that you come through with flying colors.

Whether you are adopting a related child, working through an adoption agency or choosing between open and closed adoption, Dina Christiansen is available to help with decisions and with the adoption process.

Seeing a family come together through adoption is the work we enjoy most. 


We are experienced at setting up guardianships and completing the paperwork and evaluations.

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